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Local author donates pandemic cookbook to the Oregon Food Bank

Rockaway Beach, Oregon— Date: July 6, 2022 — 

When the 2020 pandemic brought upheaval to everyone on the planet, Oregon grandmother, home chef, and food writer Judi Berman-Yamada (Kitchen Maven) set to work, in near isolation, writing her bucket list cookbook to benefit the Oregon Food Bank and her neighbors experiencing food insecurity in these challenging times. While creating her cookbook, Yamada began eating better (she lost forty pounds), moving more and improved her own health. 

“This ongoing shortage has become more crucial than ever as local hunger relief programs observed a 40% rise in food insecurity and the need for assistance during the pandemic,” cited Yamada. “Access to nourishing food is difficult for countless people in rural, inner city and low-income communities. To maintain services for those affected by food insecurity, local Food Banks and other food relief agencies need continued aid. Whether we make donations, volunteer time, grow and distribute food, or even contribute a cookbook, we can all help.”

All (100%) author royalties for retail and online sales will go directly from the publisher, Gatekeeper Press, to the Oregon Food Bank (OFB). The OFB and a select group of local food resources/producers will have unlimited access to author pricing for fund raising purposes.


The cookbook became available July 1, 2022, on, Barnes and and through links at

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